Saturday, November 8, 2014

When All Else Fails

Even though I know that new tech devices are usually already outdated rolling off of the assembly line, I was so excited to be on top of the “next new thing” in technology, a tablet, generation one.  I open up the box to get started right away and what do I do? I lock myself out of my new device.  I call tech service immediately and they help solve my problem.  If only I had read more carefully and used a calm reserve rather than salivating like a puppy whose staring at his biscuit box.

Now I upgrade to a smart phone.  I could not hear a thing on the phone, not one sound the same day I leave with it from the store.  It is neighborhood store, thank goodness, and I walk back, thinking, “I did it again, I’m where technology comes to die.”  But it is the device, broken right out of the box, that time.   So the next time I do not hear my phone ring, I take it to the service center where I am informed that it is not broken, I have the mute button on.  If only I had read the manual I would have known about that feature.

I know that I am not a technophobe, but I am not tech savvy either.  I will learn, eventually, mostly by trial and error.  Blogging is the new challenge. I am clueless about developing a content calendar.  Who? What?  Why? 

This time, rather than muss it all up first, I do some searching on the web and stumble upon buffersocial.  After a couple of reads thoroughly, I am able to use Excel to create an acceptable calendar suitable to my needs. That is why when all else fails, follow instructions.  I just found the manual for my Magic Bullet (at least a one year shelf life). 

Now, about using understanding Excel…arrrgh!

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