Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Autumn of Yesterday

     I almost picked up a leaf from the ground when it occurs to me: this is not an assignment. I am no longer in elementary school.

     I studied the leaf, large having three points with  varying colors of yellow, an imperceptible red and mostly brown.  It was the most color I have seen on a leaf in a long time.  The surrounding leaves that had fallen were just brown.  This was hardly the autumn of my youth that I remember.  At that time, the assignment was to find a leaf with had the turning colors of fall.  My problem then was which one?  There were so many from which to choose.  That was the autumn of yesterday, not today.

     Glancing out of my window I see that the trees are still bearing leaves of green.  They should have turned by now.  They should have fallen.  I should be able to kick up the leaves as I walk because they cover the ground.  But this is not the autumn of my yesterday; it is today.

     I like the autumn, the sweater weather.  It came with new clothes for the start of a new school year.  I remember the tartan skirt and the coordinating cable knit pullover; the new shoes; and the newly fallen leaves.  On my walk to school I kicked up a plethora of leaves. Then I stopped and picked up the best one, full of colors. And as usual, I took that beautiful fall leaf to school, from the autumn of my yesterday.

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