Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Clean Up, Company's Coming!

There is nothing like company to make you clean up. I am house cleaning.  Same stuff, different day, everyday, but today I have to do something about the clutter, company's coming.

Cluttered, for now!
I sit in this place day in and day out knowing that I must get rid of the clutter.  And while I am thinking of that I distract myself with something else, like a catalogue since just the thought of clearing away the clutter causes me great fatigue.   Nothing gets done.  While starring at it all, well not all since it is all over, I wonder how it came to be.  Then I spy a box I have sitting on top of a wardrobe in my living room.  It contains two sets of mini decorative plates which I am assuming that at one point I thought it was a nice idea, but for the life of me I cannot remember why I have two sets. And why are they still in the box they where shipped in?

I see papers accumulated during my work years.  They are here because each day, each year I think, "some of that paperwork will be useful one day."  Really?   I see containers and containers and containers of 40 years of my parents paperwork that came into my custody.  I see the start and stop of wannabe hobbies.  I see cleaning supplies, laundry, and rain boots from that day it rained. When was that?

There is more.  I see the unofficial grave site of electronics and appliances.  I am the place where "As Seen on TV" items are delivered.  Yeah, I see those.

Company's coming.  I am making lateral shifts with the clutter, slowly realizing that all I have done is rearrange it neatly.  At least I can see more floor.  And the sofa is freed up.     

I think I should make an effort from now on to clean up today's messes today, not just clean up for company.  Is that the bell?

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