Monday, November 17, 2014

Binge Watching, Again

I am thinking of sending Doris a message of hate.  I am currently binge watching the television show Parenthood thanks to her.  I binge watch television shows rather than watch currently running programs with the exception of TMZ.  I’ve just finished binging on Gilmore Girls and I decide, that is it for a while.  Then Doris tells me that, “You should watch Parenthood. It’s really good.”
I see the icon for Parenthood during my Netflix scrolls and after reading the synopsis decide, um, no.  But out of curiosity I try the first episode, which I do sometimes just to see if a program generates any interest for me like Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead, but sometimes I get hooked.  I had avoided Scandal because it just did not seem interesting – and then I watched season 1, episode 1, BINGED!  Some binges life interrupted and not resumed: Arrested Development, Raising Arizona.  And some, well, I just quit them: Deadwood, Madmen, Dexter, Weeds, and Breaking Bad, just saying.
Shows I’ve binged to completion: Doc Martin (2x) Royal Pains, Heartland, Longmire, The Glades (2x), The Witches of East End, Twisted, Rosemary and Thyme, Luther, 10 Items or Less, Army Wives (thanks niece), Kyle XY, Drop Dead Diva, Don’t Trust The B in Apartment 23, Shameless (UK), Rita (Danish), The 4400, Last Tango in Halifax, Hinterland, Land Girls, Wonderfalls, The Grand, Psyche, Monk, Ghost Whisperer, A Gifted Man, Cedar Cove, Leverage, Lilies, Orange is the New Black, Mistresses (UK), The Returned (French), McLeod’s Daughters (2x) and Curb Your Enthusiasm before I knew binge watching was binge watching.  And I am looking forward to Justified and new episodes of The Paradise, About A Boy, as well as a few others.  Oh, no, I’ve left out some Anime: Ghost Hunt, Mushi-shi, Nodame Cantabile, and Le Chevalier D'Eon (creepy).
Wow, how I wish I could remember them all. I do my nails, separate dirty laundry, fold clean laundry, sort through mail, read mail, write out cards, wrap gifts, reorganize my tote bags, purses, and among other things, rearrange my furniture, while I binge.
I wonder would I binge if I had cable.  But then commercial free enhances the binge experience that is only interrupted by my pause button. Is that why I binge?  Or is it because I can.
Well, now I think about Parenthood as I move my suitcase into my living room to pack for a trip while I binge.  Thank you Doris, it is a good show.  I hate you.

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